What our filmmakers are saying

No pretentiousness, just everyone gathering and becoming friends, thus forging relationships for a lifetime. I’ve been lucky to attend a lot of festivals in my career, but these festivals are my favorite!

Jimmy Gadd Editor, The Mentalist

It is truly something special and every filmmaker should experience this on some level. The people behind-the-scenes who made me feel at home made it one of the greatest experiences and trips of my life.

Maria Soccor Director, Lords of BSV

The staff bends over backwards to make everyone feel welcome and I honestly believe that many of the advances I have made in my career have been as a direct result of my participation in these festivals.

Sabrina Culver Actress, ReMoved

It’s a brilliant mix of format and genre for real filmmakers. The team make you feel welcomed and wanted and offer real encouragement on current and future projects.

Colin Graham Director, Outcaste

From the moment I arrived at the festival I could see that the team were doing something special. They set up an amazing week that makes the filmmaker feel very welcome and part of a new family.

Marc Miron Producer, Komatose

Thanks to my win, I assured funding on my unproduced script – an unattainable feat without the buzz created by the festival. Even a nomination creates enough opportunity to propel your projects forward.

Vivek Kumar Screenwriter, Surkhaab

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