Best-selling Author won Best Short Documentary at the Nice International Film Festival 2019.

04/07/2019 By Rodrigo R

Tony Jeton Selimi spent over two decades working in business private and public sectors, managing large teams and leading multi-million-pound technology programs before pursuing his calling to travel the world, teach, educate and transform the lives of one billion people.

As a child, Tony was an ordinary boy who loved to dream about being a doctor, a scientist, an engineer, a writer and captain of a spaceship. He was born into a hard-working family whose main objective was to ensure he got the best education. Unbeknown to his family, at the age of five he was sexually abused, causing emotional and mental troubling’s, and due to illness at the age of ten he almost died.

Throughout his primary and secondary education, he was bullied for being different and not conforming to the societal norms that promoted inequality and demonized sexuality.

To free himself from the pain he felt deep inside, he drove himself to study and become one of the best students in every school he attended. Tony received various achievement awards in science, physics and maths, and in 1998 he earned a place to study at one of the top engineering universities in Zagreb, Croatia.

This happiness was short-lived, as in the summer of 1989 the Yugoslav civil war fell upon his country and he was forced to join the army and fight his own people. Miraculously his life was saved in 1990 when his mother put him on a one-way flight to London.

Adrift, after being faced with such trauma, he found himself homeless and alone, desperate and helpless with no one to turn to for help. He would stare in the mirror at the person trying to heal his excruciating pain, and educated himself to climb the corporate ladder, and fill the voids he felt inside.

This “pain,” as Tony recalls, drove him to overcome a multitude of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relationship, social, career and financial barriers. Studying many life disciplines and the lives of the well-afforded, he successfully climbed the corporate ladder which became his savior.

He bought his first property, and just when he thought his life was finally on track, in 2009 another adversity hit. He was made redundant from a job he loved. Facing the prospect of living homeless again, he took time to re-assess, reflect and decided to make a bold move and start his own business.

Looking back, he realized that every misfortune was a stepping stone to bring him joy, wisdom, connection, courage and certainty following his troubled upbringing. He knew that it was time to write a life manual, that as a child, he used to dream about. Using everything he had learnt, he extracted a robust conscious framework for overcoming personal challenges, healing the body-mind and awakening one’s true greatness.

In April 2014, A Path to Wisdom – How to live a Balanced, Healthy and Peaceful Life was born. This book became an International Bestseller, winning multiple awards, and put him on a life trajectory that fulfilled his childhood dreams to travel the world educating and guiding others to achieve greater levels of self-mastery, achievement and fulfillment.

At one of his private talks at Inspire´d Stage in Mayfair, London, he crossed paths with Joel Van der Molen, who after hearing him on stage, intuitively decided to hire him as his business coach. After just a few months of working with Tony, Joel’s wife Timea began the program to address personal challenges. Being inspired by the transformational breakthroughs that Joel and Timea experienced in their private and business life, they wanted to tell the world about Tony, his books, the wisdom they encountered and the teachings of his TJSeMethod: ALARM™.

The idea to create Living My Illusion, a documentary series to share the experience and teachings with the world began. Since its completion, Living My Illusion has won many major Film and Documentary awards, and it plays a key role in the dissemination of Tony’s groundbreaking teachings for the benefit of mankind.

Living My Illusion won Best Short Documentary at the Nice International Film Festival 2019. Living My Illusion is a Documentary Series following the midlife transformations of Joel van der Molen with life coaching and teachings of Tony J. Selimi.

The way Tony communicates with direct honest, home-hitting truths to Joel makes the audience sit up in agreement and watch fixated on what he will say next. Joel´s daring to speak his truth without fear leaves the audience gasping for breath.


For many of us, Tony’s journey through the most challenging of circumstances is also a reminder that the depiction of real-life events are in as much danger of indulging in caricature and ham-handed dialogue as anything from the realm of pure fiction.

Three decades is what it took for Tony to go from living homeless, to becoming a multi-award-winning filmmaker in Hollywood.

Traveling around the world he started to notice how lonely people are. He felt a calling to write his second book, #Loneliness – The Virus of the Modern Age, as a global call for people to redefine themselves amidst adversity. In each chapter you will find many reasons why people are lonely and how loneliness affects our mental, emotional and physical health, our social life, relationships, wealth and business building development.

As an international speaker he has taken the stage at The United Nations, TEDx, and The London Business Show to name a few. Tony has been featured in many global magazines and appeared on over 200 TV and Radio stations across the world including interviews with Ian Pelham-Turner, an award-winning Royal Photographer and Commentator, Jack Canfield, the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the legendary Brian Tracy for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and their affiliates reaching over 50 million viewers, listeners and readers worldwide.

As a business consultant, Filmmaker and Mentor, Tony provides answers to questions and gives practical solutions to life’s challenges with his one to one consultations, corporate training programs, his Vital Planning for Elevated Living retreats, and through regular contributions to diverse media outlets, TV programmes, podcasts, Udemy online courses and downloads of his TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions™.