Jesus Rides A Harley

24/02/2020 By Rodrigo R

A Romantic Comedy


Mistakes happen. And sometimes one little error changes everything. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But in the case of Michael Boston’s JESUS RIDES A HARLEY, it’s an address miscue that ultimately becomes, well pretty good for two lonely hearts in a big city like Los Angeles. Even better, we, the viewer, get to enjoy the ride with them.



Boston uses a fable we have seen before but makes it all his own with this short romantic comedy. It’s marketed as one with some mysterious and magical elements, which almost sends this film into the fantasy category but it is so well weaved together — and funny– that this is what makes it so original. And to add one more quality, a little inspiring.



A very diversified cast helps spring this story forward once Boston’s character, JC, travels south and east, to one of LA’s melting pot neighbourhoods looking for a muffler for his Harley Davidson motorcycle.



First, he meets a widow named Zalina, played by Kay Wilson, and there is just something juicy between the two just as soon as their eyes meet. One thing leads to another and there is brief intimacy until well, all hell breaks loose.



Who does this JC character think he is? Jesus or something? Well, he’s oblivious to this but Zalina and the neighbourhood have reason to believe Jesus has returned on two wheels and they don’t want to be proven wrong for JC’s sake. Add the fact that JC just happens to be a washed-up or an incompetent magician and Zalina, unbeknownst to herself, just might become his ultimate muse and intrigue opens up at every corner.



A well-written story, hilarious performances from the ensemble and stunning overhead shots of downtown LA at night make this film 30 minutes of a guilty pleasure.