Born in a renowned medical family in Hong Kong, John’s father had a great aspiration for him to be a professional. However, he developed great interests in movies as his mother brought him to watch movies since age 4.

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a law degree, John Y. is a practising lawyer who later obtained his two Masters of Law from the University of London and Beijing University. After spending over 20 years working for some large and famous law firms in Hong Kong, John became a litigation partner of a renowned law firm in the U.S. in 2013 and specialized in commercial litigation work.

Recent Film Work: Million Loves In Me (American Edited Version)|My Dear Banquet|The Unknown Mother

Language: English | Cantonese | Mandarin


In 2015, John decided to leave his legal profession and began to pursue his long-dreamed career in acting and movie production. In 2016, he produces two short films with the unconditional love of a mother as the main theme. Through the two shorts, John wants to praise motherhood and convey the message of cherishing the family. He also wants to make the audience realize the importance of loving and caring for others instead of focusing on money and benefits. John also produced a feature film, Million Loves in Me with his partner. The film is about the real life experience of his client when he acted as a lawyer in Hong Kong. The film brought in different messages and feedback to the audience worldwide.

Million Loves in Me has produced more than 139 awards including Best International Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Original Screenplay to the team and cast of the film. John has also received 13 Best Actor awards to date. He has been treasuring all these achievements for himself and the team and has been expressing thanks to the judges and organisers of the film festivals which acknowledge his work.

Besides being the scriptwriter and producer, John also makes his acting debut in these two short films. In the near future, John will participate in the production of more feature films in terms of writing, producing and acting. With the dream to become an all-round filmmaker, he is going to pursue directing at the same time. In real life, John enjoys movies of different genres, especially those that could reflect the situations and issues of society, like ‘Thelma & Louise’ and Lorenzo’s Oil’ from Hollywood. They have inspired and shaped his style of filmmaking. In addition, Ang Lee is John’s favourite film director, and he finds both his early Taiwanese films and his recent award-winning works like & Brokeback Mountain and & Life of Pi truly amazing. John also applauds the outstanding acting of the famous English actor Daniel Day-Lewis, and admires Marion Cotillard for her performance in the movie “La Vie en rose”. Being a newcomer in the film industry, he sets participating in international film productions and performing alongside with renowned actors as his career goals.


Million Loves in Me

  1. Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards : Best Actor and Best Picture
  2. Asia Pacific International Filmmaker Festival and Awards : Asia Pacific Platinum Award – Lead Actor and Asia Pacific Golden Awards in Rising Star and Feature Film;
  3. Vienna Independent Film Festival : Grand Prix award, Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay
  4. Stockholm Independent Film Festival : Best Ensemble
  5. Wales International Film Festival (United Kingdom) : Best Foreign Language Film
  6. Glendale International Film Festival : Best International Feature Film and Best International Actor
  7. Accolade Global Film Competition : Awards of Excellence in Film Feature and Lead Actor
  8. Around International Film Festival (Berlin) : Best Feature Film of the Year
  9. Annual Copenhagen Film Festival : Best Picture
  10. International Movie Awards : Best Picture in 2018 and Platinum Award Winner as Newcomer and Lead Actor
  11. World Independent Cinema Awards (Milan) : Best Original Screenplay in a Foreign Language Feature Film
  12. Gold Movie Awards (United Kingdom) : Best Original Screenplay of the Year
  13. South Europe International Film Festival : Best Foreign Language Feature Film
  14. West Europe International Film Festival : Best Foreign Language Feature Film
  15. New Vision International Film Festival : Annual Best Producers
  16. Festival International Film Tonneins (France) : Best Actor for John Y and Special Award for the film
  17. East Europe International Film Festival : Best Original Screenplay of a Foreign Language Feature Film
  18. Alwar International Film Festival (India) : Best Actor
  19. North Europe International Film Festival : Best Foreign Language Feature Film
  20. Los Angeles Film Awards : Best Drama and Best Duo (John Y and Koon Lan LO)
  21. Best Actor Awards : Best Actor in a Drama and Best Actor (John Y)
  22. New York Film Awards : Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor (John Y) and Best Ensemble

My Dear Banquet

  1. Glendale International Film Festival : Best International Short in 2018

The Unknown Mother

  1. Glendale International Film Festival : Best International Shorts 2019 and Best Actor in a Short Film (John Y)
  2. West Europe International Film Festival : Best Original Screenplay of a Short Foreign Language Film
  3. New York Film Awards : Best Drama
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