Kate Sandison is a Scottish actor based in North London.  She made her feature film debut at the age of 14 in ‘Heavenly Pursuits’ starring Dame Helen Mirren and Tom Conti playing a featured child in a Special Needs class.  Other TV roles followed including ‘The Secret of Croftmore’ for STV in which she played David Tennant’s sister in the present day and also in a past life during the Highland Clearances.  Kate had a break from acting in her twenties but returned with ‘Death of the Virgin’ a feature film shot entirely in Italy starring Bond Girl Maria Grazia Cucinotta in 2008 which was ‘a dream come  true’.

Since then Kate has continued to build her career with appearances in Indie features such as ‘Psychomanteum’ by UK Film Company which has to date won 8 awards worldwide and shorts such as the Bafta nominated ‘Speed Date’ and ‘Pieces’ which has now achieved 185,000 views on Youtube.

In 2018 Kate turned to directing with her web series ‘The Beatrix Potter Trail’ starring Nadine Hanwell, professional actor and real-life cousin of Beatrix Potter.  The Trail has now won multiple awards and Official Selections all over the world including the Hollywood Hills Film Awards, Great Message International and LA Cinefest

Kate’s next directing role was her two short films for Hope UK, the 185-year-old Drug Education Charity that is very close to her heart.  The Films ‘A Temperance Tale’ and ‘John Tregenoweth – his  Mark’ have been honoured with Awards at the London International Cinema Festival, Nice International Film Festival, New York Christian Film Festival, Madrid IFF and Milan World Cinema as well as Official Selections at Madura Film Festival, The Art of Recovery, Care Awards Paris, Olympus Film Festival LA and the Inshort Film Festival in Lagos.

In 2020 Kate has completed two more features ‘The Gardener’ and ‘Bats the Awakening’ for Proportion Productions which have world-wide distribution.  She is also working with UK Film Company again on ‘Host’ playing the lead role of Newt Woodhouse which should be completed late in 2020.

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