She is Mine

24/02/2020 By Rodrigo R

My name is Sena Tunali and I graduated from 3 universities. 1st is Vienna Music Academy in Austria. 2nd is Wheaton College in Massachusetts USA and the 3rd is New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.  After my graduation from Wheaton College, I immediately started working at a company named EMC. I was on their Data department over in Massachusetts. I listened what my parents said and started working in a big company. So, I was in EMC working in a cube all day long getting so bored and unhappy. I spent almost my whole life on Stage playing piano and used to communicate with people, talk with people and be social with people but now I was in a cube all day with people who were mostly older than me. 

A Photo from My Piano Concert in Bulgaria.



My Solo Concert Banner in Bulgaria. It’s in Bulgarian Language CEHA can be read as Sena.



My Solo Piano Concert in Budapest.



I felt that I am going to die early in there. Not because it’s a bad place to work or something because maybe that office is most of the people’s dream place to work. But it was definitely not for me. I was screaming inside at the top of my lungs saying that I don’t belong here. One day I got an email from New York Film Academy. One of the head office members saw me giving concert while I was in Greece. He invited me to be a student at the New York Film Academy and learn about acting in front of the camera and all. When I got this email, I was in that freaking cube crying and after I saw that email, I got so happy and couldn’t stop my laughing from happiness. Everyone in the office looking at me like “what the heck is she up to” I answered yes to that email. And made my decision. I decided that I am going to Los Angeles to New York Film Academy and no one could stop me. That day I went back home, told mom that I am going to LA. Within a month, I organized everything including my place to stay at LA near to the Academy. 


In my first day at school I heard about the auditions that’s been held near the school. And I decided to go and attend. At the audition they asked the actors to perform a very drunk person then perform a monologue. I had a monologue in my mind and when it was my turn, I first performed that monologue. They liked it a lot. Then they asked me to perform a drunk person. I did it. It must have been looked so real that the casting director and the people who were watching it started to laugh and shout “wow” and clapping. It was a very positive response and at the end the casting director asked “how did you observe yourself when you were drunk this much because drunk people usually don’t understand that they are drunk” I was like I never get a chance to be drunk. I am allergic to Alcohol. But I observed people and my friends when they were drunk with my cranberry juice,  Yes, I am terribly allergic to alcohol. Even in my College graduation party I spend the night with cranberry juice, Anyways after that performance, I got the Job. After that job I started to spend most of my times on Sets. Both in front of the camera and behind the camera. I also started to produce my own films. 

She is Mine” is a production of mine and it’s a comedy that is partially based on a true story. As a newly grad from the Film Academy in Los Angeles I was trying to make a living in the beautiful city of Actors and Filmmakers. My inexperience and clumsiness while I was new in the film industry at that time later in my life inspired me a lot to create “She is Mine”.  She is Mine film won so many awards and nominations from the film festivals around the globe.

The film has been shot in one the most famous Hollywood film Studios named Nvisionate Film Studios. The film has also been screened in Paramount Pictures Studios Hollywood. The whole movie theater room was filled people and crowd was so extreme that some of the people had to sit on the stairs within the saloon. The film got its Silver award from Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards and Festival in Paramount Studios Hollywood as well. 

Plot of the Film:

Jess is a newly Film school grad as an actor tries to make a living in Los Angeles. While she is doing her film jobs she is also working at a bar. However, she is a very clumsy person that causes her to get fired all the time from all of her jobs. Her friend Mary who is also a newly grad from film school trying to make a living in LA as well. Jess gets fired from the bar and Mary books a Production Assistant job on a film set. The next day, Mary gets sick and she doesn’t want to lose the job opportunity so she convinces Jess to go to that set and introduce herself as Mary. Jess going into that set is not only the craziest thing she has ever done with all of her clumsiness but also the best thing she has ever done as she meets the love of her life on that set. 

Interesting facts about She is Mine:

I started my film career as a set PA (Production Assistant) and while I was working on set, the producer (Marc) of the film project that I was working in with fell in love with me. I was so inexperienced and don’t even know the meaning of a pancake on set. Even though I was so inexperienced and running around like a dummy on set that cute producer guy Marc fell in love with me against all the odds. He thought me a lot about film making and all the terms on set that the filmmakers are using. We actually learned a lot from each other and had so much fun together. I invited him to She is Mine film set and he came. He watched how things are going within the set and we worked on couple of scenes of She is Mine together. Things didn’t work out as lovers but we remain as friends and still get along very well. Now he is a good friend of mine and will always remain the same. 

Full Credits of She is Mine: 



Sena Tunali as Jess

David Eby as Adam the Director Guy

Mary Helen Schmidt as Mary

Michael Neumeyer as Marc

Elizabeth Frohlich as Assistant Director girl



Director, Writer and Producer Sena Tunali

Music Composer: Sena Tunali

Editor: Sena Tunali

Director of Photography: Julio Garcia Escames

Line Producer: Kseniya Yorsh

Production Designer and Set Decorator: Jorchual Gregory Vargas

Makeup Department: Elizabeth Abravaya 

Assitant Director: Apple NG 

Sound Mixer: Arihel Bermudez

Script Supervisor: Holly Tyrer


Camera and Electrical Department:

Ville Gobi as Gaffer 

Adry Ledesma as 1st AC 

Apple NG 2nd AC

Tim Finn as Swing

Alex Washer as Key Grip


If you want to get a glimpse of the film, you can just simply check the trailer out on Youtube!!! 

She is Mine Film 


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