Brian Walsh

The hotel and festival staff create the warmest of environments and make sure you will never be alone.  ” He who hesitates is lost ! ” Please do not procrastinate, submit and attend, You will never regret your decision. Not least , it is a whole lot of fun.

Jonathan Hall

Terrific London festival – amazing how many countries were represented – with meant GREAT networking. Thank you to the whole […]

Shihyun Wang

When I attended the festival in London, I had a great time. I met so many great filmmakers, directors, actors […]

Justin Bowler

We played at this festival last year, and they were an absolute dream! They are good at what they do […]

Joe Camareno

Great festival with a top-notch staff! We were made to feel welcome from the moment we were notified of our […]

Joe Cornet

This is one of the best festival experiences I have had. The whole event is very well managed and the […]

Roland Ruby

This was my first festival ever, so I didn’t have anything else to compare it to, but over all I […]

Vivek Kumar

Thanks to my win, I assured funding on my unproduced script – an unattainable feat without the buzz created by […]

Marc Miron

From the moment I arrived at the festival I could see that the team were doing something special. They set […]

Colin Graham

It’s a brilliant mix of format and genre for real filmmakers. The team make you feel welcomed and wanted and […]

Sabrina Culver

The staff bends over backwards to make everyone feel welcome and I honestly believe that many of the advances I […]

Maria Soccor

It is truly something special and every filmmaker should experience this on some level. The people behind-the-scenes who made me […]

Jimmy Gadd

No pretentiousness, just everyone gathering and becoming friends, thus forging relationships for a lifetime. I’ve been lucky to attend a […]