Film Fest International Awards

About our Awards

Since 2005, every Film Fest International event has culminated in a red carpet awards ceremony. Each ceremony has become the absolute cornerstone to our events.
Over the years we have handed out thousands of awards, many of which have made a huge difference to the career of the Filmmakers or Script-writers who picked them up.
Each event is a glamorous affair. Filmmakers & Script-writers from around the World dress in black-tie attire and enjoy an evening of beautiful food and exceptional company.

What do our Awards Categories mean?

We tend to separate our event into 5 parts – English Language Shorts, Documentaries, Foreign Language Shorts & Features, English Language Features and Unproduced Screenplays.
Within each section we highlight the talent of Editors, Cinematographers, Producers, Writers, Actors, Directors and everything in between.

Alongside these specific sections, we also give awards in “catch all” categories. These are awards where nominees can come from any of the above noted sections.

For more information, please see a breakdown of categories below.

  • English Language Shorts

We designate a Short Film as 0 to 59:59 – Anything under 1 hour (including all credits). Within this section we also recognise a sub category – something we call “Micro Shorts”. This award is given to the best film with a runtime from 0-4:59 (under 5 mins including all credits).

  • Documentaries

We have Documentaries from all corners of the World nominated in our Awards. We break this section down into Short Docs (under 1 hour including all credits) of any language, Foreign Language Feature Docs and English Language Feature Docs (both 60 mins and over including all credits)

  • Foreign Language Films

In this section we break films down into Shorts & Features and we recognise all aspects of Filmmaking and all facets of Cast & Crew.

  • English Language Feature Films

English language films that are 60 mins + (including all credits) go into this category. It’s usually the section we end our Awards Evening with.

  • Unproduced Screenplays

During each event we showcase the work of talented writers from around the World. We’ve always placed a heavy emphasis on networking and over the years we’re proud to have seen Unproduced Screenplays become completed Films. Our Screenplay category encompasses a number of nominees, from which we choose 3-5 winners.

  • Best Visual Effects

This category showcases outstanding achievement by VFX & Graphics artists.

  • Best Animation or Animated Sequence

One of the hardest skills in Filmmaking, the Animation category showcases outstanding achievement by Indie Filmmakers who animate sequences in their films or submit fully animated films.

  • Science Award

In this category we focus on Documentaries that showcase Scientific achievement.

  • Historical Interest Award

This award showcases those who have put time into creating historically accurate works.

  • Exceptional Showcase of the Arts Award

Generally this category focuses on Documentaries that showcase exceptional stories about the Arts. Music, Dance, Theatre – anything that comes under the umbrella of the Arts is considered for this award.

  • Best Costume / Best Hair & Makeup / Best Set Design

It’s important to recognise the importance that those behind the scenes bring to a film. We have always shone a light on those who make the people & sets that we see in a final film look so good. Exceptional talent in Set Design, Wardrobe & Cosmetics are a huge part of any film and we’re happy to have been able to offer these Awards for many years.

  • Best Original Score

The music behind a dramatic moment in a film is what elevates an average scene into a legendary one. Films can’t exist without a score flowing through it and we showcase exceptional work in this field.

  • Best Originally Recorded Song

There’s two considerations to this category – Original songs that are specifically written and used in a longer film and Music Videos.

  • Best Sound Design

Foley is an often overlooked art in Filmmaking but one that can’t be understated. To reproduce everyday sounds that we may take for granted when watching a film is a great skill, and we’re proud to be able to recognise this with a Sound Design award.

  • Jury Award

With this category we wanted to offer something to exceptional films that fell a fraction short in other categories. Very often we found that certain films would have a few nominations and be in the top 3 or 4 spots each time. The filmmakers would be left disappointed after the Awards event and we felt it was a little unfair. So with this category, we have taken the Jury’s feedback to offer this special recognition award.

  • Talented New Filmmaker

Putting your first film out into the World is a big deal! With this award we wanted to showcase those Filmmakers who took that first step.