Edinburgh FFI 2024 Winners

12/02/2024 By Kaoru

Best Picture of the Festival 


The Pines Still Whisper 


Best Director in an English Language Film

Sonia Blangiardo-Goins 


Best English Language Film


So Help Me 


Outstanding Actor in an English Language Film


Brandon Goins 



Outstanding Actress in an English Language Film


The Pines Still Whisper
Idalina Leandro



Best Cinematography in an English Language Film


Begin Again


Best Editing of an English Language Film


Pink Suit / Black Suit



Best Set Design




Best Hair, Makeup & Costume




Best Sound Design 


Lost dolls


Best Cinematography in a Documentary 


When Revelation Comes


Best Editing of a Documentary


Ordinary Canadians


Best Documentary 


Where the wind takes me


Best Director of a Documentary 


How (not) to Build a School in Haiti
Jack C. Newell


Best Visual Effects



Johnny & Me – a journey through time with John Heartfield



Best Cinematography in a Foreign Language Film





Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film





Outstanding Actress in a Foreign Language Film 


Sir Madam Sarpanch
Seema Biswas



Outstanding Actor in a Foreign Language Film 


Noah KaufmannKe


Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film 


Yuji Kakizaki



Best Foreign Language Feature Film 


Sir Madam Sarpanch 



Best Unproduced Scripts


Chelsea Cassio