Best Unproduced Scripts | Nice IFF 2019

22/03/2019 By Film Fest Webteam

1000 – The Sword in the Stone series (Episode #1: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven)
Guido Maria Giordano

Cameron Barsanti

Billy Forbes Couch Potato
David Fisher

Because of Lilah
Courtney Amis

Mark Clark

Freeman’s Men
Gloria J Browne-Marshall

Girl Out of Time
Jay Falconer

Illumination Paradox
Lynne Newton

Italians Without A Cause
Lucia Braccalenti

Maria Isabella Silvalessa
Hunter Ridgway

My Little Angel
Thai My

Robot Girl
Kevin Rhodes

Rosa and the Black Tulip
Gena Ellis

Olivia Sulkowicz

Soil Milk
Vanessa Marlowe

Soul to Squeeze
Alex Arabian

Ken Mask

Sweetgrass Village
Margaret Ford-Rogers

The Cube
Cyril Simonnot

The Garden
Clark Childers

The Ultimate Moment
Jean-Claude Nader

To Hell And Back
Agnese Pagliarani

Trouble Inherited
Harish Kumar

Tony Schweikle