Best Director of a Short Documentary | Amsterdam IFF 2018

05/01/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Jacob Ossef

Build Ramps Not Walls
Brian Adamkiewicz

Burned – Are Trees the New Coal?
Alan Dater & Lisa Merton

Dunham Deaf Boy
Ladan Sahraei

Europe’s Trial With The Refugees
Enes-Hakan Tokyay

Expecting Sunshine
Alexis Marie Chute

I Am Known As An Artist, Wharton Esherick
Carolyn Coal

In Search of the Changemakers
Sander van Weert

King In The Mountain
Dave Edwards

Mr. Probz against the stream
Bob van de Gronde

Survivors of Malmedy: December 1944
Tim Gray

The Blessed Envoy
Costas M. Constantinou

Zahed Sultan & Jackson Allers