Best Sound Design | Milan IFF 2018

01/10/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Milan IFF

David Grimaldi

Grandma All Good
Kazune Tanaka

There is a World Outside
Andrea D’Emilio

Berlin IFF

Sam Durand & Thomas Claire

Divin Bonheur (Divine Happiness)
Morgan Le Grelle

Andrej Schmitt

The Babysitter
Todd Hoellerman

The Big Wave Project
Peter McCoquodale

Tomislav’s Diary
Chang-Hsien Yu

Tenerife IFF

Kia and Cosmos
Abhinav Agnihotri

Lion Nanny’s Journey
Tao Zhang & Xuan Lu

The Fixies. Top Secret.
Ilya Maximov

The Visitor
Brooke Trezise