• Film Interview – Goodbye Chelsea

    Film Interview – Goodbye Chelsea

    Director, Choreographer, Producer Breton Tyner-Bryan Director of Photography Micahel J. Burke Co-Editors Breton Tyner-Bryan, Emily Ulrich Performers James Jude Johnson, Breton Tyner-Bryan, Emily Ulrich Music Con Brio A film by Breton Tyner-Bryan, Breton Follies Productions New York. (2020) Running time: 5 min 21 sec   AFP: How did this project start? BTB: Since its creation, […]Read More »
  • Film Interview – Rivers

    Film Interview – Rivers

    A film by Graciela Cassel, New York. (2016) Running time: 7 min 16 sec AFP: How did this project start? GC: Rivers received a grant from the City of New York-based on my proposal to film the banks of the rivers of New York, as viewed by a captain, a bird, and a child. This […]Read More »
  • Film Interview – Oceans

    Film Interview – Oceans

    A film by Graciela Cassel, New York. (2017)    I.F.: How did the project start? GC: I wrote “Oceans” after I read Rachel Carson’s mid-century book The Sea Around Us. “Oceans,” my poem, developed into a short movie that talks about people, memories, languages, and oceans. In Oceans, a teenager discovers the meanings of the […]Read More »
  • Film Interview – Citylife II

    Film Interview – Citylife II

        A film by Graciela Cassel, New York, Argentina. (2013)   IF: How did this project start? GC: Citylife II is a project that I presented when I was an NYU MA student. Here is the backstory of this art project: I connected with my fears at night when coming back home. The streets […]Read More »
  • She is Mine

    She is Mine

    “She is Mine” is a comedy that is partially based on a true story. The film has been shot in one of the most famous Hollywood film Studios named Nvisionate Film Studios. The film has also been screened in Paramount Pictures Studios Hollywood.Read More »