• Film Interview – Oceans

    Film Interview – Oceans

    A film by Graciela Cassel, New York. (2017)    I.F.: How did the project start? GC: I wrote “Oceans” after I read Rachel Carson’s mid-century book The Sea Around Us. “Oceans,” my poem, developed into a short movie that talks about people, memories, languages, and oceans. In Oceans, a teenager discovers the meanings of the […]Read More »
  • Film Interview – Citylife II

    Film Interview – Citylife II

      A film by Graciela Cassel, New York, Argentina. (2013)   IF: How did this project start? GC: Citylife II is a project that I presented when I was an NYU MA student. Here is the backstory of this art project: I connected with my fears at night when coming back home. The streets were […]Read More »
  • She is Mine

    She is Mine

    “She is Mine” is a comedy that is partially based on a true story. The film has been shot in one of the most famous Hollywood film Studios named Nvisionate Film Studios. The film has also been screened in Paramount Pictures Studios Hollywood.Read More »
  • Summer Long

    Summer Long

    By Vincent Schou 5 am. Boston. Summer. Streets, deserted.  He waits impatiently by the gas station. Pacing every undulation of the sidewalk, he clasps a worn out turquoise Freitag bag. In it, his only meaningful possession, a never alone MacBook Air, hugs his waist. The sole companion in his endless wanderlust. Finally, a tired taxi […]Read More »
  • Jesus Rides A Harley

    Jesus Rides A Harley

    A Romantic Comedy   Mistakes happen. And sometimes one little error changes everything. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But in the case of Michael Boston’s JESUS RIDES A HARLEY, it’s an address miscue that ultimately becomes, well pretty good for two lonely hearts in a big city like Los Angeles. Even better, we, the […]Read More »