Miami Love Affair | Nice IFF 2017

03/04/2018 By Film Fest Webteam
Directed By
Ralph Kinnard
Feature Film
‘Miami Love Affair’ follows three relationships as they sail through the highs and lows of the biggest international art fair in Miami. Our protagonists will (re-) discover their true passions and inspirations, their relationship to the monetary aspect of art, and maybe find love in the process.

When Lucia, a talented artist from Latin America, meets Benedict, an arroga

Victor, an aspiring writer travels to Miami with his girlfriend Ana, assistant to Robert, a wealthy art dealer. Ana is more in love with money and her job than Victor, so he begins to spend time with the adventurous free-spirit Nina.

Theo, Nina’s boyfriend, paid for his first exhibition in Miami and is trying to ‘make it big’. With the help of a ‘PR Master’ he successfully woes a rich old lady, owner of a Hotel chain, to commission hundreds of paintings. However nothing is ever as easy as it seems: the older lady wants sex in return. Remorsefully he returns to Nina who by now has decided to dump him for Victor, unaware that she is repeating the pattern of supporting an upcoming artist, instead of making her own artistic pursuits a priority.

The Latin Lucia and the German Benedict finally connect through their creativity. They overcome cultural miscommunications and are swept away by the Latin flair of Miami.

If you can succeed in Miami, find love and not get sucked in by the greed and tempting song of Mamon, the God of money – it is THE place to be.

Come to Miami and fall in love.

Run Time: 90m