“101” | Nice IFF 2018

17/04/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Directed By
Josef Luszpinski

Feature Documentry

‘101’ directed by Josef Luszpinski & Pawel Siedlik is a silent feature documentary, created in tribute to ‘J’accuse!'(1919) by Abel Gance. ‘J’accuse!’ is considered one of the most important anti-war statements in the film history. ‘101’ deals with t

But the narrative part of ‘101’ is not only about past history. It’s also confronts problems of today’s world, exposed through the point of view of the same historical figures, who have taken part in the Battle of Tannenberg. Their viewpoints in the form of a ‘documentary tableau’ are presented as a part of main plot of the film in a harmony with a subjective musical narration, so characteristic for a silent film.

‘101’ is an artistic view on the world today. By shooting their film, Josef Luszpinski & Pawel Siedlik raise a historically justified doubt on whether, it still makes sense to create an anti-war movie, 101 years after the outbreak of World War I. And if it is worth a while to refer to ‘J’accuse!’ which has almost sunk into an oblivion.

Run time: 82m