As I’m growing, you’re shrinking | Nice IFF 2018

23/04/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Directed By
Flore Dussey

Short Documentary

In the 12 minute documentary film «As I’m growing, you’re shrinking», Romane, 7, invites the kids and their parents/relatives to learn about the glaciers she observed last summer in Valais (Switzerland), in Chamonix (France) and in the Alaskan National Parks (USA). Although Romane doesn’t know much about global warming or climate change she realises that glaciers are melting too fast. She is upset by finding outthat the wildlife is suffering because of it. She thinks many problems emerge due to glaciers retreating.

As a priority for children in the Alps, many Swiss schools have committed to broadcast this film in their classes.

Romane directed the film with her mum, Flore Dussey, a Swiss TV (RTS) reporter. They only used a mobile phone.

Run time: 12m