Best Director of a Feature Documentary | Madrid IFF 2019

05/06/2019 By Film Fest Webteam

District Six Rising From The Dust
Weamm Williams

Singfest: The Literacy of Music
Amel Tresnijc

City of Two Springs – When Life Returns to Mosul
Frederick Mansell

In Search..
Beryl Magoko

Eliades Ochoa From Cuba To The World
Ruben Gomez

Leave it to Levi
Jake Jaxson

Tre Maison Dasan
Denali Tiller

The Curse of Abundance
Ewa Ewart

Fine Lines
Dina Khreino

The Truth About Marriage
Roger Nygard

Rockumentary: Evolution of Indian Rock
Abhimanyu Kukreja

Live from the Astroturf, Alice Cooper
Steven Gaddis

Coming Home
Ricardo Preve

The Living Thames
Dorothy Leiper

Humanity Last: Refugees Still Hope
Molly Calliste

TINANJALI, A Song of Life”
Sushee Kamotra