Best Director of a Foreign Language Documentary | Nice IFF 2022

06/02/2022 By Film Fest Webteam

Over There
Ana Isabel Freitas

A Poet is Killed
Arsalan Baraheni

Lay By Your Side
Chengye Kang & Chenliang Zhang

Kanda Bode (Don’t Get Whipped)
Fekad Kiros & Cheryl Halpern

Para Nadar
Flore Elise Hartout

True Believer
Hideki Kojitani

A Letter to A’ma
Hui-Ling Chen

The Swarm – Compagnie XY Flying High
Ilka Franzmann

Turning The Hands Of Fate
Jinming Dong

Two Poets and a River
Richard K. Wolf

The Whalers
Saleh Bukhamseen

Korean Genocide
Seung-il Chon

Shein Mezour

Burning for Love
Shein Mezour

The Look on Venice
Simone Marcelli

The Power of Fate
Stanislav Tsekhmistrenko

Everything Near Becomes Distant
Yunyi Zhu

Bohe With the Sea
Zhusheng Huang