Best Director of a Short Film | London IFF 2018

20/12/2017 By Film Fest Webteam

Lettie Costea

Dead End
Carter Ferguson

Growing up FAT and Albanian
Elza Zagreda & Dhimiter Ismailaj- Valona

Hell of a New Year
Edgar Jimz & Artemus Cole

YueCheng Liu

It Gets Better?
Stephen Riscica

Laying Low
Hank H. Kim & Sylvia Caminer

Leaving Charlie
Amanda Brooke Avery & Diane Calhoun

Metta Via
Warren Flanagan

Patiri in the Promised Land
Page Cooper Anderson
Dana Marisa Schoenfeld

Saving Harper Ross
Chason Laing

The Date
Michael Beddoes

The Hammer
Mohammad Alkazemi

The King’s Judgement
David Todd McCarty