Best Editing of a Feature Documentary | London IFF 2018

20/12/2017 By Film Fest Webteam

Akong A Remarkable Life
Chico Dall’Inha

Ballad of a Righteous Merchant
Herbert Golder & Ahmed Khawaja & Dan Carman

Behind the Cove
Keiko Yagi

Dr. Chan Cheng
Jianya Zhang

In The Intense Now
Joao Moreira Salles

Last Song to Xenitia
Konstantia Kontaxis

No Way Out
Daryl Bennett

Pasolini e la Terza Generazione
Alba Kia

Poisoning Paradise
Noah Sher & Danny Miller & Daniel Lawrence & Doug Blush

Sevan The Craftsman
Erol Culhaci

Shamanic Trekker: Journey to the Source
Christina Neferis

The Big Secret
Alex Voss

The Whisker Seeker
Rob McGreevey

Voices Beyond the Wall – Twelve Love Poems from the Murder Capital of the World
Elise Durant