The Gaelic Curse | Nice IFF 2018

01/05/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Directed by
Jack Conroy

Feature Film

Gaelic Curse is a Romantic Irish Comedy to be shot in Ireland featuring an all Irish Cast and Crew. The story begins when the devil cursed two servants for accidentally killing a Gaelic `king with whom he had made a pact. This curse was handed down through every generation and which changes each time. The recipients of the Gaelic Curse are Bailey O Farrell and Limp O Reilly. The former suffers with a hump on his back and the latter has a limp, each with a life of its own. Bailey lives in L.A and Limp in a rural town in Ireland. Both men have a strong friendship after meeting online. Bailey finally comes to Ireland to find a way of breaking the curse. Through a series of comic events the pair try to rid themselves of the curse. A colourful cast of characters including two very nice girls, Tara M’Mahan and Shannon Maloney and a short cut home after a night out through a graveyard Bailey encounters Satan. After a brief exchange, the Devil pulls the hump of Bailey’s back. He then relays the event to Limp who tris it. Limp goes through the graveyard and encounters the Devil. After an exchange the Devil presents Bailey’s hump and he slams the hump onto Limp’s back. Bailey tries to console Limp. He tries to convince him that there is a way to reverse things. A number of hilarious events. Bailey to relate the story to the girls of what happened. Breda enters, and tells them that Satan is her brother. After an Exchange with the Devil, the couples love has broken the curse.

Run time: 87m