The Island of Doctor Moron®

29/12/2020 By Rodrigo R

The Island of Doctor Moron® began as a live rock musical. It was created by Chris and Lyn Dockrill. It is their fifth rock musical. The show premiered in the long-disused but once-iconic Palace Twin Cinema building in trendy Paddington, Sydney. The revamping of the old build attracted much media attention. In that regard it echoed the genesis of The Rocky Horror Show which premiered in the long-disused New Arts Cinema in Glebe, Australia in 1974. “Moron” went from an ‘unknown’ to sold-out during its four-week premiere season. “I couldn’t even get a seat on closing night”, said Chris Dockrill, who also produced and directed the show, Although the show attracted favourable media attention, Dockrill puts audience growth down to word of mouth. “many audience members returned to see the show three, four, five times. They always brought back extra friends. One guy boasted to me that it was his seventh visit.” The Vox Pops for the show sum up the audience vibe (see the clip on the web site links). It was like a massive party scene where people came to the show to get their rocks off and feel good about themselves.


The producers filmed the live show ten times with fourteen cameras each time. That’s 140 hours of video footage and 480 hours of audio. They then spent close to a year in the editing suite to produce the film under the skilled editing of Paul Robert Burton. It is now the first hybrid cinematic film of a live rock musical to be produced in Australia. It sits proudly as part of the prestigious collection for the Australian Film and Sound Archives.



To date, the film has toured selected venues across Australia and has been selected, screened, nominated and or awarded by eighteen international film festivals in eleven countries. “We know that the film is unique, as is the show.” said Dockrill. “It is a completely original rock musical, which gives audiences of all ages and persuasions a refreshing leap into what I call, a ‘jump-to-the-left’ genre that Rocky created but has not really been followed until now.” One leading Australian paper actually tagged the show ‘Rocky Horror on Steroids’ (Google it). Apart from the larger-than-life characters, relentless choreography from David Camm and a crazy plot, the show is driven by twenty-one original songs that stand alone from the script and make up an amazing double CD soundtrack of the film. Each song has an infectiousness that grows on you immediately (“Like COVID but for all the good reasons,” added Dockrill.) “I’m not a big fan of musicals that weave the music into the libretto; where the script morphs into song. Lyn and are rooted in Rock, R&B and straight Blues and that what’s unashamedly drives our show. We know that there are millions out there who share the same love but aren’t necessarily big traditional musical fans.” said Dockrill who likes the songs to stand alone, to jump out at you and to be able to be played later, separately from the show. The feedback for the CD is unequivocally positive.

The Dockrills’ long-term aim is to see the film screened globally under contract and, importantly, for the live show to launch in the USA and UK and then Europe and Asia. “We are now looking for suitable investors. We have spent a great deal to secure unlimited Trademark and Copyright protection in the USA and Europe and have an attractive business model which, like the show, is unique in entertainment business circles. We are confident that investors will see Moron as a lucrative project worthy of investment, offering many decades of ROI.” To find out more about the film and the project, see the web site and especially the Film and Links and News tabs.

We are honoured to be selected for the World Cinema Awards and we congratulate the organisers on pushing on, regardless of the dreaded Covid,” said Chris Dockrill.