Berlin FFI 2023 Winners

07/11/2023 By Kaoru

Best Picture of the Festival 

Miranda’s Victim 


Best Director 

Ultra Red
Michael Fredianelli


Best Actor

Miranda’s Victim
Luke Wilson

Best Actress 

Miranda’s Victim
Abigail Breslin


Best English Language Feature Film

Ultra Red

Best Set Design

1989 – Maybe tomorrow everything will be different…


Best Hair & Makeup 

To Pluto


Best Costume

Plastic Gourmet


Best Sound Design 

Holger F. -Simple Love


Outstanding Actress in a Short Film

Broken Recor
Karen Lutz


Outstanding Actor in a Short Film 

The Spectators
Zachary Brown


Best Director of a Short Film 

Broken Record
Scarlett Grace Sweyer


Best Cinematography in a Documentary 

Open minds, Sharp brains, Big hearts


Best Director of a Short Documentary 

So close, yet so far
Pau Ortiz Rosell


Best Short Film

Plastic Gourmet


Best Cinematography in a Short Film

The Spectators


Best Editing of a Documentary

Vines in the Shadow of Tito


Best Documentary 

Walking with M 


Best Short Documentary 

The Grotto of Death

Best Director of a Documentary 

Extreme Reflections
Dr. Teresa Herminia Mular 


Science & Education Award

Giving Back: Students Who Returned As Teachers


Historical Interest Award

TRACES, Voices of the Second Generation 


Exceptional Showcase of the Arts Award

The Amazing Lulu


Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film

Van Gogh
Ricky Chow


Best Short Foreign Language Film 

Holger F. -Simple Love

Best Cinematography in a Foreign Language Film


Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film




Outstanding Actress in a Foreign Language Film 

1989 – Maybe tomorrow everything will be different…
Anja Jünger


Outstanding Actor in a Foreign Language Film 

Half Samurai
Moctar Diouf 


Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film 

Diego Santangelo

Best Foreign Language Feature Film 



Best Unproduced Scripts

Julian Poulter