Destiny Among the Mountains | Nice IFF 2018

01/05/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Directed by
Wei Zheng

Feature Film

Xiao Ting, a writer based in Chengdu, drives to a mountainous area of Tibet to collect folk stories to be used as research for her writing. While there, she falls in love with Luo Bo, a local forest ranger. Luo Bo is later injured by local poachers and thrown into a raging river and is believed to have drowned. Xiao Ting sadly returns to her old city life and, after a year, she and Zhang Xiaojun, an old college classmate recently returned home from America, become engaged.
At that moment, Luo Bo unexpectedly turns up in the city, alive and well and determined to find his lost love. When he does so, this places Xiao Ting in a tortuous dilemma. After a series of confrontations and difficult decisions, Luo Bo decides to return to his village and cause no more trouble for Xiao Ting and Zhang Xiaojun.
After a heart-to-heart talk between Luo Bo and Zhang Xiaojun, however, the latter realizes that Xiao Ting and Luo Bo are destined to be together, and he releases Xiao Ting from her engagement and encourages her to return to Luo Bo.
The two lovers are finally reunited and a happy ending ensues.

Run time: 90m