Talented New Filmmaker | Madrid IFF 2018

23/05/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Shia Labeouf & Luke Turner & Nastja Rönkkö

A Force in Nature – Johann Eyfells
Hayden de Maisoneuve Yates

A Woman’s Right To Shoes
Robyn Grace

Dawn Hasn’t Come
Nisreen Al-Sbeihi

El Freeman
Mikhar Sazhle

Feeling You
Yuez Zeng

Fist of People
Dong-ki An

Laws of the Game
Aegina Brahim

Like Mountain Like Son
Yiduo Hu

Passage of Life
Akio Fujimoto

Queen of the Porn Show
Sergio Pérez

Hans Montelius

The Crusties
Tyler Stone

Warm Human Magic
Madeline Zima

You Have A Nice Flight
Jimmy Dinh