Tales of Teleki Square | Nice IFF 2018

25/04/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Directed By
Mayer Gábor

Foreign Language Documentary

The last Jewish prayer house of Teleki square, Budapest miraculously survived the last 100 years.
Teleki square is not around the “Jewish quarter” of Budapest, in fact it is in a different district.
The new generation of the Teleki community start a journey unfolding the story of the praying house. The young realize, that the old interviewees they found are the last living members of a once thriving, now lost civilization. The once second biggest market place in the capital of Hungary at Teleki square hosted a surprisingly big kosher infrastructure, dozens of praying houses, cafes, schools, restaurants serving the daily needs of the tens of thousands of Jews living around and of the market. The aging interviewees can still recall what a thriving, colorful life in the 8th district of Budapest, with the second biggest Jewish population in Budapest.
At that time “Teleki square Jew” used to be a well known notion among Budapest Jews.

Run time:82m