Madrid International Film Festival 2nd to 5th September 2024


Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center
Avenida Aragon 400, 28022, Madrid


2nd September Networking hotel bar from 9pm Zing will be in attendance

3rd and 4th Screening from 10am

5th of September Awards night take your seats from 7pm

There is a dress code of no jeans, please dress to impress


Best Independent Film Festival for new and up and coming filmmakers

Carl Tooney President  and the team at the Film Festival International have supported my career in many different ways.

As President Carl Tooney is an inspiring figure who has been instrumental in helping my career as a film director flourish.


The nominations for the festivals are a wonderful recognition of the hard work of my team. As filmmakers receiving a consideration from such prestigious events has helped us rise to even greater heights.

The wins for our movie We Too Together at the Nice International Film Festival we’re humbling as  after the pandemic we were fearful we might never be able to be part of such an amazing event. The feature film is now streaming on Amazon Prime and our awards were part of the incredible journey that can make the difference between success and failures. Winning is a sign to the industry globally that our work can compete internationally.

Carl’s kind support of me and all my team is fabulous, especially considering how many other film makers from around the world he helps too. He is focused, considerate and thoughtful in arranging events which showcase our work.

The festivals are also an amazing way to network and meet other filmmakers. Sharing our stories of how we overcame incredible obstacles to create art is such a life changing part of the journey of being a filmmaker.

The nominees aren’t competitive as we are all cheering for each other as Carl creates such an amazing family atmosphere for his events too. By the end of the night we have created memories that last a lifetime and help us find the courage to go forward with our careers.

As a film maker you are always questioning if what you do is worthwhile so the validation of receiving an international nomination is so essential to help you believe in yourself as an artist.

No-one ever takes for granted the sheer amount of effort, planning and work the team put in to make the festivals fun and glamourous During the pandemic many awards festivals were online which is understandable, but sitting in a glorious room full of talented people and hearing your name spoken out loud is a thrill. Waiting for the winner to be announced is pure adrenaline. The moment you hear that you have won is surreal as time stands still as you try to be sure it is actually you. Also you get the chance to express gratitude to the whole team for making the movie possible Making any feature film needs an army of people so the award is a way of showing them how incredible and valued their work is too.

Carl’s teams at the festivals include talented professionals from around the globe too, ready to offer advice on the next step for your movie and career Having spent so much time and energy making a feature film sometimes it is hard to forget how important the right advice and plan for the distribution and sales is.  Industry veterans like Neil MacEwan, the former Warner Brothers Vice President, generously give their time at the festivals to help filmmakers like me elevate their projects.

I am deeply grateful to Carl Tooney and all his team. They have changed my career, my life and helped me believe in the power of dreams. There have been occasions it would be tempting to give up as a film maker without the essential boost that being a nominee from the festival delivers.


Thank you to Carl and all his team for making our dreams come true and helping us experience the joy of being part of the festivals’s nominees.


Film Fest International in its 20th year great independent films from around the world tickets at www.filmfestinternational.com/shop


Deborah Wright

The NICE International Film Festival was one of the best film festivals that I have ever participated in as a director and producer. Every aspect of the festival was managed with excellence, from the communications with the festival director and staff, to the beautiful festival magazine, to the quality of films that I had the pleasure of watching, to the awards ceremony.

Giuseppe Monticciolo

If there was one thing we especially loved about this festival, it's how involved everyone was with each others work. Us film makers were chatting until the ends of each night about our greatest passions, and especially the awards night will be one of the most unforgettable evenings of our lives.

We look forward to applying to all the future Nice festivals to come, and further than that, to stay a part of this incredible Film Festival International community.

T.J. Barkwill

Wonderful fest persevering even during the pandemic. Good for new filmmakers.


One of the best film festivals! They are very communicative from the start. A very professionally done festival with films from all over the world. I highly recommend filmmakers to apply!

Gabriel Otero

Thanks to Carl Tooney, Adam Tinnion and Kaoru Kajitani for this fantastic festival, and to award twice THE 7 VICES as best Cinematography Feature Film and Best Best Hair & Makeup we have a wonderful time and we meet incredible talented directors

Mark Rose

This was a great festival to work with and we are happy to share our film Alaska Long Hunters with new people through this festivals selection! Thanks so much for having us and giving us the ability to share Gods word!


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