Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Language Film | Nice IFF 2020

06/03/2020 By Film Fest Webteam

Youdai Uenishi

Bozkir – Look at the Birds
Haldun Boysan

The Strawman
Benjamin Haddad

Ratsasan (The Demon)
Suzane George

The Knot
Xu Wang
Biao Li

American Dream
Vincent Vermington

End of the Hunt
Jackson Anthony

Zombie Love
Aurelien Mouafo

Million Loves in Me
Hiro Hayama

April Fools
Tario Sugi

Eerie Fairy Tale
Toomas Kolk

Scent of My Daughter
Yilsen Ozdemir

Farewell My Friend

Foggy Town

Spring Tide
Huang Shang-Ho

Dream Speaker