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Best Short Film | Nice IFF 2023

16/02/2023 By Kaoru

Beneath About Time GENIUS MOVES THE WORLD Anniversary A Love Worth Fighting For NOW AND NEVER Driverless Far Away Man La Petite Mort AT WATER’S […]

Science Award | Nice IFF 2023

15/02/2023 By Kaoru

The Pleasants Effect The Guardians of the Mediterranean (science – of) Mediterranean LIFE UNDER SIEGE Nevus… I own it WIP-We Speak for the Forests Earthbound: […]

Best Set Design | Nice IFF 2023

15/02/2023 By Kaoru

Harper Killing Curry So Long Everything is perfectly OK A Realm of Return TROUBADOURS CELESTES Gestation(s) Grey Hairs Himmler’s Cat Anniversary Gate to Heaven Inshore […]

Best Costume | Nice IFF 2023

15/02/2023 By Kaoru

Met Mes Killing Curry Argent Glass (feat. Char) Marie-Luise Venise Doesn’t Exist Drunkard Number 8_The Simulation Are you feel better GENIUS MOVES THE WORLD TSU […]

Nice IFF 2022 Winners

21/05/2022 By Film Fest Webteam

Best Unproduced Screenplays Zumrut Sena Tunali   Face Painters Giovanni Sanseviero   A Dance of Yesterday Rich McKee   Best Filmmaker Awards Best Picture of […]