Best Feature Documentary | Nice IFF 2018

09/03/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

All There Is
Pixie Productions

Bill Evans Time Remembered
Bruce Spiegel

Chairman Buddha
Louyi Tang

Church & State
Holly Tuckett & Kendall Wilcox & James Huntsman & Jennifer Lynn Dobner

Developing Destinations
Sean Cassar

Grace Fury
Laura Carruthers & Mark Grossman

I Am The White Tiger
Brian Chumney & Mark Houghton

Islam, Muslims, Counterterrorism … A Mosaic
Peter Noel Duhamel

Melody Makers
Richard Hanet & Mark Sanders

The Epic Voyage of the Jubilee Hope
Alex McCall & Robert Beedham

Toad People
Isabelle Groc & Mike McKinlay