Unproduced Scripts | London IFF 2018

22/12/2017 By Film Fest Webteam

A Boy From the Third Country
Owen Guo

A Soul Experience
Marilyn Lee

All for One
Daniel Flores

Duty, Honor, Country
Joe Cyr

Edna’s Dearest Possessions
Ozge Gozturk

Éire’s Song
Kristen Nedopak

In Wonderland
Summer Starrs

Land Of The Long White Cloud
Andrew Heard

Loyal Royals – Original Pilot
Sonia Gumuchian

Lunar Flight
Verena Braun

Mad Dash
William Leonard

Pandora Sleeps
David Ince

Rachel Horder

Rosa and the Black Tulip
Gena Ellis

Socrates’ Death
Kiki Vasilescu

Sofía and How I Changed the World
Bernardo De Urquidi

Tantalum Mass: The Last Hacker
David Garrett

The ‘A’ Train
Julie Sayres

The Doll
Serge Adam

The Last 2 Days
Ronald McQueen

The Rental
Laura LP

The Rooster Rebellion: Episode 1 “Who’s The Dog” TV Pilot
Anthony Mariani

This is What I Leave You With
Helen Jeffries