Zavar, The Kid And Partridges | Nice IFF 2018

25/04/2018 By Film Fest Webteam

Directed By
Zeynep Kececiler

Short Documentary

The story is set in Chahar Deh, a mountain village located in the north of Afghanistan, which most of us hasn’t even heard of. We shall witness Afghan traditions through the lives of 60-year old Zavar and his 9-year old nephew Razak at this mountain village situated on the heights of Hindu Kush Mountain Range.
Like many Afghan children, Razak has lost his father in the civil war. His uncle Zavar is his greatest support. Known for his passion for partridges and as an avid hunter in the village, Zavar teaches his 9-year old nephew Razak how to hunt and care for partridges in order to help him take his early steps towards manhood.

Run time: 39m